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I build scalable & repeatable processes, systems, and training for business owners that are looking to grow their store network and get their lives back.

From Employee to Entrepreneur

Passionate about making an impact, I played a key role in changing the smartphone repair industry in Canada by opening 90+ locations for Mobile Klinik as its first employee.

From day-to-day operations to major partnerships & services, I was intimately involved in the creation, implementation and support phases of the operations, leading to a $165M acquisition by Telus in 2020.

With this experience, I started GRND Consulting, which helps businesses grow & develop so business owners can ditch the daily grind.

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Reviews and Testimonials

Youssef and I met when he was running the new store deployment and training for Mobile Klinik. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. A great problem solver, Youssef always presented creative and practical ideas to improve processes and provide a better experience for customers. His positive energy encouraged everyone around him to be better. Youssef will add tremendous value to any organization that's lucky enough to work with him.

Sam Techner

Vice President at Hudson Technology

I worked with Youssef for many years in my role at ServiceCentral and his at Mobile Klinik. We worked together on implementation, setup, and training his teams on the software they were using in their stores. Over the years, he put together loads of training content and manuals, implemented processes and procedures that scaled nationwide, and served as an excellent resource for everything related to the company's operations.

When he moved on from MK, I thought he would leave a major gap in operations, but I realized he successfully put systems and people in place to maintain the integrity of the operation, which is a true feat and testament to his work ethic and skills.

I would gladly work with Youssef again and highly recommend him for any group looking to expand, grow, or improve their company's footprint.

Travis Hoge

Senior Director, Product Development @ Assurant

I have had the privilege of witnessing Youssef's remarkable entrepreneurial journey firsthand with Freedom Mobile, and I am confident that his extensive experience and passion for helping others achieve success will make him an exceptional growth agent.
Youssef has a proven track record of building multiple successful businesses over the years. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his strong business acumen, has enabled him to identify opportunities, develop innovative strategies, and execute them with precision. Youssef's ventures have not only achieved remarkable financial success but have also created lasting value for employees, stakeholders, and the communities they operate in.

What truly sets Youssef apart is his genuine desire to share his expertise and help others thrive. Youssef possesses a diverse skill set encompassing strategic planning, market analysis, financial management, team leadership, and problem-solving. He is adept at identifying areas for improvement, implementing effective strategies, and nurturing sustainable growth. Youssef's adaptability and resilience have been instrumental in overcoming challenges and turning setbacks into opportunities for growth.
In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Youssef for any role. His exceptional entrepreneurial background, coupled with his passion for helping others achieve success, make him an invaluable asset. I am confident that Youssef's expertise, mentorship, and strategic guidance will have a transformative impact on any individual or organization fortunate enough to engage his services.

David van Dyke

Senior Director Partnerships & Policy Canada

Youssef is a business builder and entrepreneur. He has partnered with me on two startups. He comes with a ‘do what it takes’ attitude. His confidence, intuition and knowledge have been key to our success.

Ken Campbell

Experienced Telecom CEO and Board Member. Partner, PMP Strategy

It’s easy to find people in the business world that want to help you solve a problem. Youssef, wants to help you solve it permanently. I have rarely seen a person that comes back with a business solution that is sustainable and repeatable as frequently as him. If you are looking to scale up your business but just cannot seem to find enough time to do it, Youssef is your solution.

Fred Hrenchuk

Exec Chairperson Repair and Run, Board Director

Youssef was a key player in the success of Mobile Klinik from the very beginning. He was involved in virtually all aspects of the business as we were building out a chain where there was really no established, successful roadmap to follow. He reported directly to me and was always open to new ideas and was innovative in his thinking. From the start we were looking to establish a culture of teamwork, collaboration, innovation and accountability. Youssef lived these values which enabled us to build the culture throughout the Organization. His skills in training and building processes and procedures were very evident and served as a building block to our operational excellence. He gained invaluable experience in building Mobile Klinik and grew immensely as a person and as a professional. The best experiences come from doing and learning. He is in a unique position to pass this knowledge on to other people and businesses. I always used to tell Youssef that “knowledge not shared is wasted” . He took this to heart and gets immense pleasure from doing just that; in fact it has become his passion.

James Ferguson

VP Operations and Business Development, Mobile Klinik