Build simple processes, Set clear expectations, Watch your team thrive.

Strengthen your business operations and training program with our help.

What does excellence mean in your business?

Service-oriented businesses need great people to succeed,

But even the most competent people can’t shine when they’re not taught what’s expected of them.

The top reason service businesses employees quit is from poor onboarding and training.

And when good people quit, the owners need to pick up the slack.

At GRND, we’re committed to breaking (or preventing) a costly hiring and firing cycle.

We liberate owners with foundational small business management systems.

If the words simplify, standardize, and repeat, sound like music to your ears, we can help you out.

When was the last time you audited your:

Customer Experience

Are your customers happy? Are they referring you to their friends?

HR Processes

Are you bringing in the right people? Do you set them up for success?

Back End Operations

How do you run your business? What can you delegate? Are your processes easy to follow?

Tools and Technology

Can you automate any time-consuming tasks? Do you have a strong tool stack?

Small business operations consulting packages
for your budget and goals.

Goal: Set your business up for long term success.

Hire a strong team and train them on your customer experience.

Goal: Hire a manager to run your business for you.

Pass off your knowledge with a business management blueprint.

Goal: Expand to a second location.

Replicate the success of your first business.

Youssef and I met when he was running the new store deployment and training for Mobile Klinik. He was a pleasure to work with and is a great problem solver. He always presents creative and practical ideas to improve processes and provide a better experience for customers.

Sam Techner
Vice President and Hudson Technology

What to expect:

  1. Clear, easy-to-follow processes.
  2. Smooth onboarding and training system.
  3. Workplace culture that your team loves.
  4. A manager you can rely on to grow your business.
  5. Every customer has the same great experience, no matter when or where.

Make life easier by streamlining your business operations.

Free Resource:
Our Proven Hiring System

We’ve hired thousands of people and summarized our process into this step-by-step guide. Includes:

  1.  Job Descriptions
  2. Filtering candidates
  3. Interviewing 
  4. Onboarding Process
  5. And so much more!