Prepare to Hire A Business Manager

Do you have steady sales? If yes, you're ready to promote yourself from operator to owner. And we can help with that process.

Can your business run entirely without you?


Small business owners spend too much time on tedious business management tasks. 

From inbox oversight, inventory management, staff hiring and training, customer service, and beyond, what time remains to grow the business or pursue personal goals?

Entrepreneurship isn’t about making it on your own. It’s about building teams to achieve goals you can’t do alone. And learning how and when to delegate is a part of that journey. 

Your future could look like this:

From Operator

To Owner

Overwhelmed by Daily Tasks

Transition from being bogged down by the minutiae to having the mental space and freedom to innovate and grow your business.

Stuck in Day-to-Day Operations

Elevate from the trenches of daily operations to a high-level strategic role, focusing on the future and growth of your business.

Zero Work-Life Balance

Move from having little to no time for personal development or leisure to enjoy a well-rounded life that enriches your personal and professional worlds.

Dependency on You to Run

Transform from a business that can't operate a day without you to a thriving, self-sustaining entity that runs smoothly under a trusted manager's leadership.

Reluctant to Grow

More business does not have to equal more time. Shift from slow or stagnant growth due to operational bottlenecks to accelerated growth through streamlined processes and focused leadership.

Constantly Saving Your Team

Stop putting our fires and have confidence that you hired a capable, motivated team of problem-solvers.

Unclear Processes and Delegation

Go from chaotic operations and unclear delegation to having transparent, documented processes that enable autonomy and efficient management.

Youssef and I met when he was running the new store deployment and training for Mobile Klinik. He was a pleasure to work with and is a great problem solver. He always presents creative and practical ideas to improve processes and provide a better experience for customers.

Sam Techner
Vice President and Hudson Technology


Small Business Manager Training & Onboarding

Hire a manager to handle daily storefront operations so you can focus on streamlining processes, future growth, and storefront development.<br>


Empower A Manager To Oversee Daily Operations, Allowing You To Enhance Processes, Plan For The Future And Further Optimize Your Business.


Document Your Processes

Document your processes and manager training so you can delegate the operations of your business. 


Time to deliver: 4 weeks

Price: Starting at $X


Hire a New Manager

Identify an excellent candidate to replace you who you can trust to run your business without constant supervision. 

Includes everything in the small package PLUS

Time to deliver: 6 weeks

Price: Starting at $X


Coach an Employee into a Manager

Coach an employee to become a manager who can lead the team effectively.

Includes everything in the medium package PLUS:

Time to deliver: 6 + months

Price: Starting at $X per month

What will you do with more free time? Scale the business? Acquire more clients? Or enjoy life outside the office?

Adding structure to your business gives you the freedom to choose.

Get Started with Your Complimentary Operations Audit

You can’t be the entrepreneur, manager and technician all at once. At least not for the long term. Go from having a job to to being an OWNER! 

Let’s download the processes living in your head. And help you hire your replacement in less time.

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