Grow and Scale your Brand the way Big Companies do.

I build scalable & repeatable processes, systems, and training for businesses that are looking to grow their store network.

From Employee to Entrepreneur: My Journey

I always knew that I wanted to do something that could change the world for the better. My first big project in retail starting and expanding a franchise network for a new telecom carrier and i built out a 7-store network in 3 years. Feeling like i hit a ceiling, i needed to try something new. I left retail altogether and started a career in financial planning.

One day, i ran into my former boss and we caught up over coffee. With the rising cost of smartphones and the lack of efficient repair services, he proposed bringing a same-day repair concept to Canada. Several months later, i signed my contract as employee #1 for mobile klinik.

Years later, mobile klinik was acquired by a major telecom carrier for $165m during the pandemic. The confidence boost i got from this was nothing short of invigorating. I finally proved to myself that i could learn something totally new and help scale it successfully.

But covid did not provide the same experience for everyone else around me. Business struggled to stay open and some of the business owners i knew closed their businesses for good. It didn’t feel fair that i was successful while others were suffering. This was my wake-up call. I decided i was going to use the valuable experience i got from building businesses in the past to help my family and friends grow and develop their own businesses.

GRND consulting is a company that helps business owners grow and develop their business so that they can leave the daily grind behind.

While your reasons for starting a business may be different than mine, and our journeys not exactly the same, my sole purpose is to make your business work for you and get you out of the daily grind, so your success also means mine.

Ideas are easy.
Execution is Everything.

Transform Your Business: Building a Strong Brand Image and Customer Experience

From the way your shop looks and feels, to how your staff interact with your customers, everything is contributing to the customer experience and building your brand image.

Your Brand is what customers think about you, not what you think about yourself. Are you doing your brand the justice it deserves?

With my experience, I can help you transform your business into a system that works for you and your customers, without the burden that plagues most entrepreneurs…feeling like they have to  do everything themselves.

Armed with the right tools, training, and systems you can focus on what you already do best…building your business.

If you've ever said one of these things, then here's your sign to take action

Break the vicious cycle you’re in and hire an expert with a proven track record

I'm Constantly putting out fires at work

Unless you're a firefighter, then this isn't something to be proud of. I will closely analyze your operations and help you place safeguards within your process to avoid unnecessary costly mistakes.

I'm wearing many hats right now

As a business owner, the reality is that you'll have to wear lots of hats at the beginning. Do you have a plan that will allow you to delegate responsibility effectively so that you can drive business? I will help you build the resources you need so that you can work on the business, not just in it.

No one will do it as well as I can

It's true that no one will care as much as you do. You're the owner! That doesn't mean that your staff can't learn, just as you did. I will help you train your staff so that you can feel good about how your customers are treated when you're not around.

I'm struggling to train/keep employees

Finding and keeping good people is hard no matter how you slice it. I will help you put together an HR strategy that will empower your staff and make them feel like your company is a great place to work.

I don't have enough time to focus on the big picture

The daily grind is exciting, it's a money maker, and it never stops. I will help you streamline your day-to-day operations so that you can have the time to plan for growth.

I need help with something else…

Running a business is complex and there's no such thing as a cookie cutter solution. Get in touch with me so that I can learn about your challenges and offer my insight.