Navigating Life’s Trails: Lessons Learned from a Wilderness Adventure

When I was in grade school, we went on a camping trip with my class to learn basic survival and navigation skills. This was before smartphones and GPS.

We learned how to read trail markers and use a compass & map on the first day. On the last day of the trip, we were put into small groups and then had our skills tested by getting dropped off several kms away from the compound and told to find our way home by navigating through the dense forest.

Just a bunch of grade schoolers in the wilderness, with no way to call for help. GULP.

I know some parents and kids these days would find that a very scary situation.

It took all day, and we took a couple of wrong turns, but eventually we made it back in one piece.

What we learned on that trip still remains with me to this day. ⬇️

– Resourcefulness
– How to read trail signs to measure progress
– Teamwork
– Trust in ourselves
– Patience
– Self-reliance
– Willingness to make mistakes

Despite the technology we have available now, anyone who’s gone hiking on a difficult trail knows what I’m talking about. Sometimes you wonder “Am I going the right way?”

Yes, you should learn how to read the signs of your progress…but above all TRUST YOURSELF AND KEEP GOING!

Eventually you’ll see a trail marker which will tell you if you’re on the right path.

When you’re in uncharted territory, sometimes the only way out is through.

Embrace that feeling of discomfort and KEEP GOING.

You got this!