New Business Hiring and Training program Design

Who you hire and how you train your first team will have a long-term impact on your business's culture, employee engagement, and customer experience.

Great teams are a reflection of great leaders

We Help New Business Owners Start Strong

Hire Carefully

Hire people who connect to the vision of your business, share its values, and are eager to succeed.

Train Staff Thoroughly

Give your new hires proper tools and training to deliver the best in-store retail experience.

Act Like a Leader

Establish a customer-centric culture and develop a problem-solver team.

Don't rush the hiring process.

You’re finally preparing to open your doors. There’s a mix of fear and hope that your investment will pay off.

All you need to do is hire and train your team. Should be easy, right?

Strangely, this critical step is often rushed, leaving new hires confused and unprepared to provide a remarkable customer experience. 

There’s a lot of moving pieces when you open a small business. Don’t neglect your small business employee training program before you even start. 

This is your opportunity to create a high-performing team of associates you trust to be the face of your business.

New Business Operations Packages

All of these packages are for reference only. A custom package will be design to meet the direct needs of your business. 


Online Training Platform

First, we’ll map your entire customer journey together.

We’ll build you a self-guided training program with instructional videos that employees can learn quickly. 


Starting at 4 weeks

Time to deliver: TBD

Starting at $2,449


Hiring and Onboarding

We’ll identify your needed resources, build job descriptions and help you hire.

Then, we’ll develop an employee onboarding plan, including orientation and training days, so your grand opening will succeed.

Includes everything in the small package PLUS:

Starting at 6 weeks

Time to deliver: TBD

Starting at $3,949


Management Coaching Program

Provide your business manager with ongoing support in running the storefront effectively.

We’ll improve processes based on culture and employee feedback to build a sustainable and lasting business. 

Includes everything in the medium package, PLUS:

Starting at 4 weeks

Time to deliver: TBD

Starting at $2,000 per month

Open your storefront with clear processes that are easy to adjust as you learn and grow.

Youssef was very resourceful in hiring and staffing with a very systematic approach. He took accountability for making our cannabis retail store opening was successful. He set targets and KPIs for our management team and facilitated in-depth training sessions to excite staff about our business.

Nader Salib – Owner, Plateau

About GRND

We help storefront owners improve their small business operations. Our small business process improvement services and small business employee training programs will equip associates with: 

Case Studies

What if 70% of your original staff didn’t quit?

I helped Plateau, a cannabis shop in Ottawa, open a store the staff didn’t want to leave. 

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